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Welcome to Department of Instrumentation , CUSAT

The Department of Instrumentation, originally the university science instrumentation centre ( USIC ) has its origin in 1978 as a service department with the support of the UGC. It has been extending instrumentation support to science and technology departments of the university.The center was elevated to a level lll USIC by UGC in 1990.With this the centre became a full –fledged academic department. The department started a post graduate diploma course in instrumentation in 1994. In 1995 the university re organized USIC into a full-fledged teaching department with USIC contained in it and the department came into existence in its present form.

The department has a very active research programme in the area of instrumentation and applied physics.The department has implemented a number of research projects funded by DST ,DAE,UGC,AICTE,KSCSTE,etc.It has been a venue for a number of national symposia.The department has published a number of research papers pertaining to instrumentation and allied areas.