Instrumentation Engineering provides students with sound theoretical and practical training in the operation and maintenance of automated process control and measurement systems used in the production of various commodities. Students will learn about pneumatic devices, control valves, various types of instruments, electronics, digital logic devices, industrial instrumentation, robotics and many more.
It is an expanding field with new innovation and technology. Opportunities in this field exist in Engineering design, Instrumentation transactions and industrial process plants in a variety of sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Refineries, Automobile Plants and more.

About the Department

The Department of Instrumentation, originally the University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) has its origin in 1978 as a service department with the support of the UGC. It has been extending instrumentation support to science and technology departments of the university. The centre was elevated to a level lll USIC by UGC in 1990 and thereafter the centre became a full – fledged Academic department. The department started a post graduate diploma course in Instrumentation in 1994. In 1995 the university re organized USIC into a full-fledged Research & Teaching Department with USIC contained in it and the department came into existence in its present form.

A six-semester post B.Sc. B.Tech. course in Instrumentation was started in the department in 1996. Later this course was converted into 8 semester B.Tech. course in Instrumentation Technology in 1999 with an intake of twenty-eight students. In 2011 four semester M.Sc. (Instrumentation) course was started with an intake of fifteen students. The department has a very active research programme in the areas of Instrumentation and Applied physics. A number of research projects funded by DST, DAE, UGC, AICTE, KSCSTE, etc. were implemented in the department. A large number of research papers pertaining to instrumentation and allied areas were published during the last two decades. Department of Instrumentation has been the venue for a number of national symposia. A new M.Tech. Programme in Instrumentation Technology was started in the Department in 2017 with an intake of eighteen students.