The department of Instrumentation has a vibrant and lively functioning placement cell that strives to find you the right organization. The placement cell carries out counseling and training to ensure students are mentally and emotionally prepared to face the interview board. Interactive talks with experts are also held along with this. Besides, the cell maintains a healthy relationship with our alumni and other top officials to enhance the scope of employment.

Summer Internship

Summer Internships are an integral part of the curriculum and forms a vital aspect of the overall development of their students. It allows students to experience and learn corporate culture and at the same time the corporate world gets a fair idea about the talent of the emerging generation of the future engineers of the Department Of Instrumentation, CUSAT. It also acts as a mechanism to help students to crystallize their carrier choices as they explore themselves in their project work. It will provide students the opportunity to develop attitude conducive to effective interpersonal relationships. It will also test their adaptability attribute and aid them in adjusting from college to full time employment.