List of Research Scholars

PhotoName of ScholarArea of ResearchSupervisor
VishnukumarSensors and Signal ProcessingProf. K N Madhusoodanan
S. SundararajanSensor linearizationProf. K N Madhusoodanan
Siril V SSemiconductor metal oxide gas sensorsProf. K N Madhusoodanan
Sree Sanker S SSensor Technology using Periodic Structures and MicrosystemsProf. K N Madhusoodanan
Amily B.Sensor materials and DevicesProf. K N Madhusoodanan
Sita RadhkrishnanAdaptive Fuzzy Neural Modelling and Control scheme for Blood Oxygen level in postsurgical PatientsDr. Johney Isaac
Sheeja P GeorgeSimulation and modeling of e-field distribution and associated parameters in interdigital capacitive transducers and surface acoustic wave devicesDr. Johney Isaac
Anisia AImage Processing Techniques for Sub-pixel Level Precision Motion DetectionDr. Reju V. G
Subhija E NBiomedical image processingDr. Reju V. G
Divya N SPolyphonic sound event detection using recurrent neural networkDr. Reju V. G
Suniya V. SSignal enhancement techniques for audio processingDr. Reju V. G
Susmitha RajanSelective Blind Source SeparationDr. Reju V. G
Sanish V. S Design and development of microstrip antennaProf(Retd). Stephen Rodrigues
Peter Cyriac Microstrip Antenna Prof(Retd). Stephen Rodrigues
Hrudya B. Kurup Design and development of compact planar antennasProf(Retd). Stephen Rodrigues
Lidiya T. V Semiconducting Oxide based multilayersProf(Retd). K.Rajeev Kumar
Nissamuddeen Kunnath Development of polymer - ceramic nanocomposites for piezoelectric transducer applicationProf(Retd). Jacob Philip
Jiss Paul Optimization and Implementation of Inter-Digital capacitive sensor DesignProf(Retd). Jacob Philip